Serving San Luis Obispo and surrounding area.

Hi! My name is Kalina, I am a Thai Chi Instructor and massage therapist. I graduated in Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University in 1994. I worked in hospital for 7 years. I have knowledge about acupuncture, Massage, Chinese medicine herbs. I went to Thailand massage school training in 2002-2003. I graduated at San Luis Obispo massage school "Hirudaya Holistic Life Center" in 2006. I have more than ten years massage experiences. I have both Chinese and America License and Certificates. My specialist massage technical skills are Chinese acupressure, Thai Stretching, Japnese Shiatsu, America Swedish, and Zen- Touch.

Chinese massage is Acupressure. It has a long history. At present the massage is playing an important role in field of medical service, rehabilitation and health care.

Not only does massage feel relaxing it also increases blood circulation and stimulates nerve ending in the superficial tissues which actually help to block out pain signals to the brain. A regular massage will be very beneficial in maintaining the health spine and muscles. So it has been undoubtedly accepted as a safe effective , comfortable, harmless and no side – effect therapy by the people of the world. Chinese traditional massage has special treatment for the patients in all kinds of pain: Headache, neck pain, shoulder, pain, back pain, lumber pain, leg pain, arthritic pain, foot pain and so on.

Techniques Include:

Acupressure / Zen-Touch / Shiatsu / Deep Tissue / Pushing Manipulation with One – finger Meditation / Rolling Manipulation / Kneading / Rubbing / Scrubbing / Grasping / Pressing / Flat-pushing / Digital-pressing / Digital-striking / Patting / Tapping / Vibrating / Foulage / Holding-twisting / Shaking / Wiping / Rotating / Pulling / Traction & counter-traction / Chinese traditional therapy: Fire Cupping / Thai Stretching massage / Swedish massage.

Acupuncture & Auricle Acupressure: It is suitable for the part and whole body slimming. Once a week, twelve time a course.

Contact Phone Number: (805) 471-3360 By appointment only.

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